They Lay Down Sally is a  Sally dry fly pattern to be fished during peak activity. We have a fertile river in our neck of the woods that produces great Yellow Sally hatches throughout the summer months. A certain section of this river seems to hold more of these stoneflies and fish than the other sections so naturally where the fish are there; we will be also. The kicker is, this section of river also holds slow, smooth glides wrapping around grassy banks. In short, we needed a pattern that was simple, floated well and successfully outsmarted even the most wary fish in slow-moving water conditions. This fly has been the ticket for a number of brownies that couldn’t be taken any other way.

This specific pattern imitates the spent Yellow Sally Fly. June-August is when they are prevalent. Mid-day and just before dark is a great time to fish her. Yellow Sallies are most vulnerable when they are a) on the water laying eggs and b) spent. This stonefly is different from other stoneflies in that it does not crawl out onto dry land to hatch. Instead they will actually emerge midstream – making them very vulnerable. Lay Down Sally is best fished on a dry line as a single or as a dropper behind an egg laying adult pattern. Make sure you have a “slow hand” on the hook set.


Thread: 6/0 Danvilles Yellow
Hook:TMC 2488 or any light wire scud hook sz.12-16
Abdomen: Fl. Orange CDC tuft and yellow dyed turkey biot
Thorax Cover: 1/8″ Larva Lace Foam Yellow
Spent Wing:Snowshoe Rabbit’s Fur Dyed Tan
Dubbing: Light Yellow Hare’s Fur

Step by Step:


    1. Attach thread behind the eye and begin wrapping back to the bend of your hook (:15) THIS IS A STONEFLY PATTERN, NOT A MAYFLY. I HAD MAYFLIES ON THE BRAIN AT THE TIME!


    1. Stop just past the bend (:31)


    1. Tie in your cdc feather by the tip (:51)


    1. Trim your cdc feather at the length of the body (:59)


    1. Tie in your turkey biot and wrap forward covering the exposed cdc feather (1:24)


    1. Wrap your biot forward (tie a half hitch in your thread if you want) and tie off the biot about 2/3 up the shank (1:54)


    1. trim off your biot tag (2:00)


    1. FF (Fun Fact) (2:04 -2:16)


    1. Attach your foam (2:40)


    1. Figure 8 enough tan snowshoe rabbit fur to simulate the wing (remember: Sallies have 2 pairs of wings) (3:42)


    1. Dub your thorax on to the thread. Here I’m using light yellow hare dub (4:05)


    1. Figure 8 your dubbing through the thorax and around the wing to make a cleaner fly (4:36)


    1. Dub to just before the hook eye and pull foam over thorax. Trim foam just in front of the eye (5:22)


    1. Trim wing to shape for a uniform look ( 5:45)


  1. Whip Finish (6:10)


Created and tied by: Grant Bench

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  1. Mike Jensen


    Great pattern. I can’t wait to tie some up and use next July. Love you website. Keep up the great work.

  2. Bill

    Most unique yellow sally I have seen. Will give a try on the Missouri or Big Horn in July
    2014 if there is a hatch


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