A good set of waders can make days out on the water much more enjoyable and every angler is on the lookout for a reliable pair. This will be the first of two reviews on the William Joseph Drynamic Waders forcusing on everything aside from last and durability because obviously only time will tell. We’ll give em a full season and report back on how they held up and any other observations after they spend some good time on the water. We figured the actual time spent wearing and using the waders is just as important as how durable they will ultimately be. How do they fit? Getting in and out? Functionality? Convenience? Comfort? You get the idea. The Drynamics represent William Joseph’s most advanced offering yet and are very reasonably priced at $269.00.

Nate’s take


Upon removing them from the box I was immediately impressed on the supple yet tough feel to the material. There’s a waterproof zipper up the front, two on the handwarmer pockets, and one that zips across the back – though I haven’t yet figured out a practical use for the back pocket yet. There’s also a small loop at top of the back that looks perfect for hanging them when drying. The booties looked pretty spacious and had me a little worried upon first glance cause I have pretty small feet.


These are the best fitting waders I’ve ever worn. It’s winter right now (when I wrote this) and I had plenty of room to layer for the cold without being stuffed in too tight. And unlike most waders that have way too much excess room, when wearing only a shirt the waders still have a slimmer profile that feels much more comfortable without all the excess material. Mobility is perfect – in fact I feel more mobile because of the lack of all the excess fabric. One complaint I’ve had with my Patagucci’s is how high the waistline is. I feel like a grandpa with my wading belt up to my belly button. I’m naturally a pants-sagger so I liked the fact that I could actually adjust the should straps to let them ride as high (or low) as I want to.  A+ on the fit all around.


  • Waterproof Zippers: WillyJ warns that the zippers aren’t waterproof and that they are not. They could be more water resistant in my opinion. There is a backup gusset in the front zip as a backup.
  • Elastic Drawstrings: There is an elastic drawstring that goes around the top opening if you want to tighten the
  • Pockets: Great position and good for both hand warming and stashing stuff (more one or the other rather than both).



These waders fit great, are easy to get in and out of, look good, and have a few convenient details. The fit has to be my favorite thing about these waders.

  • Big booties, worried about comfort at first but turned out to be quite comfortable
  • Super easy to get in and out – both getting feet out of the legs and entry in and out of the waders
  • Great great fit (enough to layer but not super baggy)
  • Mobility was great
  • I’ve recently hiked/fished in 80 degree temps with these waders and they breathed quite well.
  • They look pretty fresh too!


Derek’s Take

At first look the tighter, slimmer fit caught my eye. I have used just about every major brand of wader out there, never having properly fit into a pair since it would appear they were made for the middle aged, over-weight CEO-type that fishes once a year.  The William Joseph Dynamic Waders fit like a glass slipper as I pulled them on, comparably comfortable to say the least.  But how would they hold up on the water?  After all this is not a fashion show of cozy pajamas designed to lay around the house in, these are waders built to keep you dry. After months of fishing these in the worst weather winter could muster, hauling them to Argentina, kneeling on jagged rocks, walking through thorn bushes and just about anything else you can encounter in a day on the water these waders show little sign they have been used. They have kept me dry and warm even when it hailed, rained, snowed and howled wind ALL day long on a winter fishing trip but vented well enough to keep me from sweating to death while navigating the boulder strewn waters of Patagonia.

Time will tell how the waders hold up under continued abuse but I am optimistic they will continue to impress me. In addition to the fit and function of these waders the water-proof zipper pockets on the chest make me comfortable as zip up my phone and point and shoot for the days adventure. There is also a large water-proof stash pocket on the back for any additional item you may need to keep safe.  Those  interested in purchasing the Dynamic Wader remember that they are a tighter fitting wader than most so size accordingly.  I am certain you will be as pleased with these waders.

William Joseph Drynamic Waders Review
A great wader for the price and a great wader in general.
Overall Value9
The Good
  • Easy to get in and out of.
  • Trim fit.
  • Great overall Value.
The Bad
  • Front zip good for entry but little help for relieving yourself.
  • Zippers don't keep water out too well.
8.4Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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12 Responses

  1. Jen

    Those do look pretty spiffy! At first when you said back zipper pocket, I got a little excited thinking it might be a net slot or something….but then I saw the pic, and it’s way too shallow for that. Interesting place for a random pocket, they must have had some kind of function in mind when they designed it right? Now only if they’d come up with a pair for women, then I’d get REALLY excited! I can’t wait to hear how they hold up after the fishin’ season. Thanks for posting. 🙂

    • Nathan

      Ya, I’m not sure what it’s for. As soon as I figure something practical out I’ll post it here. Might be good to keep an extra plastic bag or two for collecting trash out on the water or something.

      • Jen

        That’s not a bad idea 🙂 Humm… maybe you could post the Q on Facebook – ‘what would you use this back pocket for’? LOL

  2. Matt

    Pretty sure you guys just sold me on what waders I’m buying next

  3. John

    I have a pair of these that are 7-8 years old. I fish year round and I do a lot of walking. These are hands down the best waders I’ve ever owned. There is no doubt I’ll be buying these again, when the time comes that I need new ones. Btw……not sure why there is so much confusion about this back pocket? I put in extra tippet and other stuff that I don’t need in my vest, but you can obviously put in it whatever you want? And the loop on the back can also be used for hooking your net to if you want. I can’t say enough good things about these waders. I was blowing through a pair of Cabela’s guide waders once a year prior to owning these. I also recently bought one of their MAG chest packs….all magnets, no zippers. Do yourself a favor and buy one of these……it’ll be your favorite chest pack you’ve ever owned, for sure!

    • Nathan

      That’s awesome your waders have been hanging in there for ya! Their mag stuff is pretty sweet! Pretty water tight too! I heard a story of a guy that lost his bags when their boat flipped and he had thousands of dollars of photo gear floating in a mag bag an he recovered it all as he retrieved the bag still floating downstream. Pretty sick!

  4. JasonS

    What’s up gentlemen? After a bad experience with both the Simms Headwater and G4 Pro waders, I resumed my quest for the ultimate wader (yeah right). I found your review from spring and was wondering how the Drynamics held up this summer?

    Take care,


    • Nathan

      Yo, Jason! I think we’re all on the quest for the ultimate wader! I gotta say that I’ve been loving them. They’ve been the most comfortable and easy in easy out waders I’ve ever had. So far I have no holes, leaks, or tears. So far so good. I know that Derek has a hole he patch in the butt from climbing over a barbed wire fence. I think he may have one other hole he has patched as well. And for the record, Derek is harder on his gear than anyone I know. As far as your bad experience with the G4’s ,that surprises me. I’ve never used them but from the feel and from all I’ve heard they seem like the toughest waders out there. Are the Drynamics as tough as the G4’s? I’ve never used the G4’s but I would venture to say no. Are the Drynamics a durable wader? My vote is yes. Plus, I’m loving the fit and the design. It makes using them a pleasure. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!

  5. Anthony

    G’day Guys,
    I just bought a set and can’t wait to use them, hopefully in the next week or so. They feel really good and fit well. I’m 5 feet 10 inches tall and around 85 kilo’s.
    I’ll let you know in the coming months.
    All the best,


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