Time was limited, but we both wanted to get up and hopefully get into some golden trout. We drove to the trailhead and started our hike to a lake that holds some good size goldens. The views were amazing as we hiked through the pines. Mother nature hooked us up with some treats which made the hike take a lot longer. Wild huckleberries were everywhere. I’d never had them and let’s just say they’re amazing. We stripped them from bushes along the trail and stopped periodically to fill our hands and mouths with them.

wild huckleberriesbeautiful-mountain-views

After some amazing views and delicious berries we finally arrived at our destination. The scene was calm. No risers and no cruisers visible in the shallows. We walked the bank line and headed to where a small stream cascaded into the lake. Not knowing how the lake had wintered or it’s activity in recent years, I was a bit pessimistic after no real signs of fishiness. Finally after a while we found a fish feeding intermittently feeding near the inlet. It was clearly visible through the clear water and dark lake bottom. After it rejected my bug Derek gave it a go which resulted in an eat. He missed the hookset. I’ve never seen him so upset while fishing. I chuckled inside even though I REALLY wished that either of us would have gotten the sizable golden to hand. The sun was getting low and I was able to get some of my favorite photos I think I’ve ever taken. After seeing and losing another battle with the only other fish we saw, we started our hike down. As not to go home skunked we stopped by a lower lake and fished for some cutthroat/golden hybrids.

Although I had hoped to catch my first golden trout on this trip, the hike was awesome and I guess it gives me a good reason to come back next year…as if I need one.






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