The ice would be coming soon and we visited our favorite local stillwater for some tiger trout fishing.  I really enjoy fishing for these fish.  At this lake it’s especially fun to tease them as they cruise the banks. Often the fish will cycle the long stretches of bank so if you don’t get it right the first time, patience can be rewarded with a second chance. It’s intense. Tiger trout fishing at its best.

In the early afternoon, I spotted a real bruiser of a tiger trout cruising with a smaller (probably 18-inches) fish.  I was fishing a scud and cautiously cast in their path.  After only a couple small, jerky strips I got the fish’s attention.  It then tracked and casually denied my offering. Dang it.  With my heart pounding out of my chest, I quickly grabbed my fly and attempted to switch my bug as I watched the fish slowly swim away.  Dang it.

My second chance came a couple hours later as I stood scanning the water from up on a steep bank.  Same big fish with the same tag-along – it was go time.  I’d been picking up other fish fishing the scud so I had the same fly on as before. I foolishly gambled and figured I’d give it another quick shot. Same exact response: immediate attention and a deny.  I knew just the bug I needed and quickly tied it on.  Unfortunately, they had already disappeared into the deep. I placed a longer cast in the general direction where I saw them last and only hoped that it would bring the fish back. The water was deep and I eagerly watched my fly near the vegetation just off the bank. As it did I saw the fish come up from the depths. Everything after that seemed to be in slow-mo. The fish slowly and methodically approached the fly and I saw the white of its mouth as it munched the fly.  It was one of those moments where you see them eat but you’re waiting to see if the hookset results in a tight line. It did.  After an epic head shake the monster turned and headed back for the deep. The fight was strong and I anxiously brought a thick female tiger trout to the net. That fish had everything I love about tiger trout fishing at this place: a heart-pounding approach and refusal, a visually breathtaking eat, a powerful fight, and a beautiful, well-proportioned fish. Holy crap, I love fishing.

tiger trout fishing 2

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  1. PHIL

    Sick read man…. only a few intrepid peeps can fully understand the sweetness involved when it all comes together like that. Atta boy……


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