It was at the Outdoor Retailer show where I ran into my old friend, Nate Gunn. Since we’d last seen each other he’d spent a lot of time creating some killer media. After catching up a bit, we determined that we had to collaborate on something. After a few months passed, Nate reached out with a specific project he had conceptualized. I dug it and thought it would be a great fit for Orvis so we began working to firm things up a bit. Once we figured things out I invited my buddy, Spencer Kareem Abdul SOS Higa, to join in the fun.

After a bunch of planning it was time to shoot. They were long days of hard work but it was a blast with good company that’s very good at what they do.  We’re pumped on the end result and look forward to more projects together so stay tuned for that! Nate G. pretty much sums up the idea behind this narrative:

This trip really came from a desire to create something that we could all really get behind. When chatting with Orvis about this project, we wanted to make it clear that this was somewhat of a short feature narrative, and that we weren’t out to just stand around and film a few guys catching some fish. On the flip side, I knew the project had to feel real and authentic, so naturally having the story revolve around two great anglers, Nate Leavitt and Spencer Higa, made total sense. With all those elements, it was a trip and story that I knew anglers could get behind as well. 

The goal was for it to feel slightly documentary, but have much more of a stylized and cinematic approach. For me, Fly fishing films always seam to have this similar rhythm and feel. I actually really dig it, but I really wanted to bring something different to the table. Just taking it to another level really. There’s a lot of content out there and I wonder sometimes if what we’re actually saying is interesting. You know its easy to bring some killer gear down to the river and go get some pretty shots, but I hope people see the project for the subject matter and message. It’s not just an edit with some good shots and music, its about saying something. Every time someone watches one of my projects I really appreciate it. They’re giving me their time, so I hope in return I can give them something of value. If every angler said “man thats totally fishing” Id be a happy guy.

Director: Nate Gunn | DP: Nate Sorensen | Photography: Blake Hansen

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Chinese Boy

The ringleader at OSF, Nathan likes well-proportioned fish, moonlit walks by the river, and stripping streamers through dark lies on the dreariest of days. View full bio.

9 Responses

  1. Fromundacheeze007

    Real cool edit! Even cooler D90… I want one soo bad. Keep posting sick stuff

  2. Jesse

    Absolutely awesome. I just started fly fishing a month ago, here in Utah actually. So I found your blog and I can’t stop reading! Maybe I’ll see ya on the river!

    • Nathan Leavitt

      Awesome! How’d you find us?

      Glad you enjoyed it! We have a recut version of this for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) so you should come out! It’s a ton of fun with a ton of prizes at the event. We held it at Vivint last year and will probably do the same this year. It’s basically a night with fly fishing festivities and watching a bunch of fly fishing films. Had around 400 people there last year. Follow us on Facebook for updates on that!

      If you have any questions as you’re learning don’t hesitate to ask! Hope you enjoy the archives! Probably some stuff in there that will get you pumped!

      • Jesse

        Just was googling some local Utah fly fishing stuff and you popped up! Definitely followed on fb and ig. Would love to go to the fly fishing film thing. I will be there!

        Learning is tough but dang fun. Anytime i can sneak out to the river or anywhere i go. I’ve been reading and watching everything on here for sure! Thanks!

  3. Chase

    Hey Man! What kind of car is that you’re driving around it, it’s incredible. Also, your movie makes me wanna fly fish like for the rest of my life.

  4. Chase

    What kind of car is that you’re driving around it, it’s incredible. Also, your movie makes me wanna fly fish like for the rest of my life.

    • Nathan Leavitt

      It’s a Land Rover Defender 90. They don’t sell them in the states anymore unfortunately. Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m so stoked that it get’s you amped to fish FOREVER!!! Haha. You’ll have to go to IF4 and see a recut of this project. I think you’ll dig it!


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