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Pick up any magazine or peep any video on the internet these days and you will most likely run across something on Lake Strobel. There is undoubtedly reason for the hysteria surrounding the now almost mythical place dubbed Jurassic Lake.  It is quite simply the world’s best wild rainbow trout fishery, period. Sure there are other places that offer unique experiences but when targeting the monstrous bows you have only dreamt about, and all this without sacrificing quality for quanity, there is nowhere else like it.

Even in a place so good it would appear stories are mere fantasy, not reality, people still feel the need to tack on half-truths to an already incredible tale. “That fish was 25lbs!”, shouts the now almost intoxicated narrator. Extended arms and fish eye lenses do wonders to convince his audience that fiction has become fact. The question is really simple; why lie when the truth is as good or better? Translation please..? How can a 15lb bow be better than the 25 pounder described by our slightly tipsy Charlie Sheen want-to-be?  Easy, because it is real. There are few places in this world that honestly produce more than the odd Rainbow over 10lbs with any regularity and Jurassic is at the top of the list. Fish over the 20lbs are a possible on any day of the season at Jurassic Lake although even here they are not commonly caught. So what is the fishing like? Well it is just that… fishing.

One day it is beyond imagination and the next it is windy, cold, impossible to cast and the fish are tight lipped. Even on a “bad day” though it is likely to be one of the best days of your life after unhooking a few honest 8-10 pounders, maybe bigger. On the latest trip our group had experienced relentless windy and sporadic flurries of patchy snow for the first 3 days. Standing on the far side of the lake on the 4th day the wind calmed and the ocean sized breakers turned into rolling waves.  Gazing out into the perfectly blue water submarines started patrolling the shoreline as though preparing to invade the beach. In every direction giant Rainbows casually swam in pods of 100-300 strong, the smallest of which would be the baddest boy on the block in any other body of water. Almost every cast resulted in instant gratification. These are the days that make Jurassic unlike any other destination. So as you plan your Argentine adventure don’t expect to catch 20 pound rainbows all day everyday, come expecting to fish. Besides, it would cheapen the experience if it were easy. Simply expect to have the trip of a life-time.

Peep our last trip to Jurassic Lake HERE.

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  1. Cort

    I nearly wet myself when I saw this. I can’t believe that there is a place on earth like this!

  2. Phil

    That place breaks all the rules of fisheries management… So incredible. I’m with you Cort all the way.


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