The Inside Bend

It was a beautiful morning. The sky was so clear and so blue. The temperatures felt good and you could just tell that it was going to be a great day. We walked to the river's edge and it looked...

A Welcomed Wet Wade

I'm not a photographer - I'm a fishing addict. I'm also pretty obsessed with trout. They're beautiful. It has; however, started to bug me a little when I get back from trips and all I have is a bunch of fish...

Salmo Trutta

Salmo trutta. There's something about brown trout that has kept them on the top of my favorites list. They're bad.  The thought of a large, kyped-out brown trout lurking under a deep undercut bank, or at the...
mouth full of streamer

Early Season Streamer Fishing

I really enjoy throwing streamers.  It's an exciting way to fish.  It's only March but I set out for some solo streamer fishing.  I do this quite frequently.  It was overcast and I was headed to some...
fall river rainbow trout

Quick Stop Rainbow

I had a quick minute to hit some water. With the lady and little man in tow we set out and began walking the banks. I was setup with a beefy streamer (cause fall is streamer fishing time of course!) and ready...
bull trout colors

Up North: More Bull trout

With some changes to our original plans we set out to fish for bull trout in a new area. The river itself was beautiful and it was something else to see bullies of all sizes holding in the deeper runs and...
hooked up

Up North: The Long Awaited Bull Trout Hunt

This was the day I had been waiting for. Today we were to hunt bullies. The trip was already off to a great start, but I could hardly contain my stoke-level that I finally ha a chance to chase these fish. The drive was a long combination of pavement and dirt. Our hike took us in and out of trees, across waters, and over colored pebbles rounded by the glacial-fed river. The surroundings were much like I had imagined, but definitely more. This place was simply incredible.
double rainbow

Quick Trip to the Green River

My wife and I had been put in charge of a youth conference and the spot that had been chosen was the good 'ol Green. We wanted to scope out the group spots beforehand so that we had an idea of the lay of the...