Naked, or so I feel when my glasses are not with me for a day on the water. What is the most important piece of gear you bring to the river with the exception of your rod and reel? Without hesitation the response is a quality pair of polarized glasses! Rule number one in fly fishing is wear glasses while fishing. It is first and foremost a safety issue to protect your eyes. A nomination should be made to modify that rule to ensure the safety of your fishing day. Not only glasses but good glasses that can and will protect your time on the water. Why are quality lenses so important? They are a window into the water that will allow the angler the ability to spot fish and observe how they are behaving. It can be the difference between catching fish and not or between catching a trophy or just passing it by because you don’t ever even know it’s there. Smith Optics are among the best lenses in the world and thats why I fish with the Touchstone Glasses. These glasses are durable, versatile and cut glare off the water better than any I have found. Here are some of the reason why these glasses are so amazing.

Smith Touchstone in Tortoise w/ Olive Polarchromic Lenses


  • Techlite Polarized Glass Lense
  • Anti-Reflective and Hydroleophobic Lens Coatings
  • 8 Base Lens Curvature
  • Evolve Frame Material
  • Stainless Steel Spring Hinges
  • Hydrophilic Megol Nose and Temple Pads
  • Large Coverage Area
  • Polarchormic Lenses available

So what do all these features mean? The Techlite lense is super lightweight and durable. The anti-reflective coating is vital for a fishing lense as canceling out the waters reflection is priority number one in a pair of fishing glasses. The 8 base curvature allows your eye to see more naturally. Some lenses, especially polarized lenses have a tendency to distort images. Polarchromic Lenses adapt to the lighting to ensure you have the best tint for the light. If the sun is shining bright the lenses darken or if you are fishing low light they will allow more light through the lense for optimal vision while on the water. The frame, hinges and pads create the perfect combo of lightweight, durability and comfort. The large coverage area is also important because you want to block out as much direct sunlight as possible to protect your eyes and enhance vision. These glasses are the difference between seeing fish and not. Quality optics are not cheap but they are worth it. If you are on a budget don’t waste money on cheap products you will end up replacing or that don’t get the job done. Save up and buy the best lenses, you will not be disappointed. If taken care of these glasses will last you a long time and earn every cent you spent on them.


Check out our review on Smith’s Techlite & Polarchromic technologies.

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