Spoiler alert! I love these glasses. I’m specifically talking about the Smith Chief with the Amber Polarchromic lenses. Most of that is due to the amazing optics and optimal fish viewing ability that the Techlite lenses provide. I won’t go into too much detail about the lenses since I already did that in our Techlite and Polarchromic lens review. Aside from that I really am stoked on the frames as well. They fit very well and look good.



The Chiefs are made of a strong, hard plastic but reasonably light for having glass lenses. They come in a hard case which is nice if you need to throw them in a pack or something. I opted for the Polarchromic Amber lens that has a VLT of 15-30%. They work out really well for overcast days, low light, but still darken up enough to have you covered on those bright summer days. It’s hard to compare the glare-cutting abilities between one set of glasses to the next but they do it as well as you could want and I feel the bonus comes with the incredible clarity of the Techlite lenses that matches the glare-cutting ability to prevent eye fatigue or strain when you’re spending a lot of time closely watching your fly or looking for cruisers.


The Chiefs have pretty big lenses that totally wrap my face and allow very little light to come in through the sides. That is one of my favorite features. In addition to the anti-reflective coating, this makes sure that I have great eye protection – both from the sun and from errant flies. They’re comfortable on the face and slide snuggly on the side of your head for a comfy fit even with a hat. I have a pretty skinny face but they stay on my face without an issue. The ear and nose pieces have a soft rubber surface to prevent slippage and they actually do a pretty good job of holding them in place whether it’s cold out or you’re sweating like a bum.


Now these will cost you about two bills but in my opinion it’s well worth paying the higher price for the glass lenses. The Techlite glass is tough and not prone to scratches, they seem rigid and built to last, and most importantly they provide really clear vision. I don’t know that I’ll ever steer from anything other than Polarchromic glasses for fishing. If you haven’t considered it, I’d suggest picking up a pair next time you’re at the fly shop. Grab a pair to see a demo of the Polarchromic in person. I really think you’ll be impressed by the clarity and quality of the glass.



Smith Chief Sunglasses Review
The Chiefs are perfect for fly fishing. They offer phenomenal optical performance and great coverage. These comfortable glasses are a great match for a long day out on the water.
Overall Value9
The Good
  • Optical Clarity
  • Versatility
  • Comfort/Coverage
The Bad
  • Pricey
8.9Overall Score
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