Wind, wind and more wind, at least that’s what I had come expecting but Jurassic Lake had yet to reveal her true nature to us.  The guide told us we were having about the best weather possible and we soaked up every minute of it.

It was our third day fishing and we hadn’t yet experienced the fierce wind that can blow everyday for weeks. In fact, the subsequent days were calm almost the entire day, it wasn’t until our last day on the water that we ever experienced the true character of the lake.  The conditions called for stalking big trout as they motored along the shore as if on a coastal highway cruise. As we hopscotched down the shore small coves, drop-offs and miniature rock points almost always proved productive. Standing high on what appeared to be lunar boulders that served as casting platforms we presented black buggers and over-sized beetles to the chrome hot-rods passing by.


On one such lookout I spotted what looked to be a good bow out at about 60 feet, a well placed cast resulted in a follow and the ultimate finale of the fish assaulting my fly. Unfortunately, a blotched hook set and a few head shakes popped the hook free and sent the line shooting in my direction. A desperate back cast lacking all beauty coupled with a long haul recovered the line and put my fly back in the zone about 10 feet in front of the fish. But fish don’t eat twice – especially after they have felt the sting of metal…but this one decided to exact its revenge immediately attacking with a burst of speed. A proper set and the fish startled my reel as it screamed off line. Minutes later the bright hen covered me in water as she bid me farewell with a tail full of water.


My Dad was next to experience a sight fished hook up as a monster a mere 20 feet from the shore clobbered his fly and then repeatedly went air-born. Jumping 9 times in total before giving up. The water took a beating as 15 pounds of rainbow went air-born 9 times dispelling water as though m-80’s were being lit off in a bathroom stall destroying the once calm surface.


clear-water-jurassic-lakethick troutestancia-laguna-verde

In the few times the wind briefly picked up I pieced together the spey rod and was instructed on how to effectively fish a lake during wind with an incredible tool.  It was something I had never really done with any efficiency but being taught by an excellent guide allowed me to make use of periods of gusty weather.  It was awesome to put a cast all together and be rewarded with the slack coils being pulled from my hand and shot out into the lake.  Spey casting is like nothing else and is a great way to fish even the windiest conditions.  As the water calmed and fish moved closer to the shore I brought out the single hander and played with foam beetles the size of my thumb.  Although  it wasn’t until the last day I actually hooked a bow bigger than 5 lbs on the dry I was witness to multiple surface eruptions as 10+ pound bows swatted and boiled at the foam-bodied intruders. Days passed too quickly as we bounced down the shore in pursuit of some of the hardest hitting, gorgeous bows on the planet.  Which brought us to our last day at Jurassic……

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Hawg Wrangler

Derek Olthuis, raised in the wilds of Montana like the Jungle Book's Mowgli. Totally obsessed with fly fishing, exploring and adventure. When not guiding he enjoys fly fishing and Squatching for Unicorns. Fishing is fun!

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  1. Ron

    I am not nearly as avid a fly fisherman as my son Derek but this was one of the most fun trips I have ever been on.
    A week at an exotic location, staying in a nice lodge, with world class meals and service,a wonderful guide, all this with my youngest son for a week.
    What more could I ask for?
    Oh yea, the best trout fishing I have experienced in my life !!!


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