Orvis and Trout Unlimited spearheaded an amazing project called the 1,000 Miles Campaign.  This effort was designed to bring awareness to one particular issue that fish face in today’s world…culverts, barriers to fish passage. This film was originally part of this years F3T Film Tour but was pulled last-minute. We thought we’d give you a look here!

Numerous state and federal agency biologists (including myself), Orvis representative Simon Perkins, local authorities, angling groups, and TU biologists Jim DeRito and Paul Burnett speak out about the issues, current projects, and success stories. Check it as a few projects take action, allowing cutthroat to regain passage to their native tributaries to spawn.  It was a cool experience being a part of the film.  Sweet stuff!  A big shout out to Simon Perkins with Orvis and Graham Morton with Waterline Media for shooting and editing an exceptional video. You can find more info at Orvis.com. Enjoy!

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Phil Tuttle is a Fisheries Biologist, a Guide, Loop Global Team Pro Staff Member, Fly Innovator, and a skilled Videographer/Video Editor. His passion for conservation, travel, youth fishing programs, and fly fishing drive his desire to promote the sport in diverse and out-of-the-box ways.