I was just getting of work and I got a call from Derek saying that I had to come fish a stream with him. He said the fish were willing and super good looking. “Browns?”, I asked. Nope, Oncorhynchus mykiss. We met up and made the drive to a an awesome small stream that I hadn’t fished for a long time. I was excited for a quick trip. This is skinny water – the kind where you don’t really cast but rather flick and toss. I rigged my 7ft 3wt and we walked to the water.  We drifted dries, skated them, and nymphed under tight lines and all produced fish – most of which were the Oncorhynchus mykiss which Derek had spoken of.  The fish looked healthy and we actually got into some decent fish.  Especially in the deeper plunge pools.  Derek found an especially big one and pulled a handful of good fish out of it.

I found particular hole that looked extra promising.  It was a small plunge pool into a really short run.  “Casting” was a little tricky but I flicked a weighted nymph up to the head and felt the line go tight as I high-sticked it back to me.  I set and coaxed a nice little bow into my net.  This process repeated a couple more times and it was soon time to head out.  Wild Oncorhynchus mykiss are somewhat hard to come by in Utah so it’s always a treat getting into them.

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The ringleader at OSF, Nathan likes well-proportioned fish, moonlit walks by the river, and stripping streamers through dark lies on the dreariest of days. View full bio.

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  1. Travis

    Man that is a pretty fish! I didn’t know Derek fished for anything under 27 inches…love the site and all the great stories.


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