The latest installment of My LOOP Story is up and it features yours truly. It was nice to be able to share my genuine love for LOOP. Great company and equally great product. If you’re in Utah and want to take some for a test run let us know and we have some gear we can let you demo. One thing that they didn’t have time to include in the edit was how I talked about the sense of community there is with LOOP that I haven’t seen with any other brand. With all that’s going on in the fishing world it’s cool to see a brand seeking to include anglers of all types in a brotherhood of passionate anglers.

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The ringleader at OSF, Nathan likes well-proportioned fish, moonlit walks by the river, and stripping streamers through dark lies on the dreariest of days. View full bio.

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  1. Mike

    My jaw still drops every time I see that rainbow you caught and in such beautiful surroundings! Good on you for including your family in your passion. I love watching my boys catch the sickness and I’m sure you feel the same way about yours. It’s good you have a hook-up on rods, you’ll need it with that many boys.


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