The S.S. Midge Larvae is an extremely simple pattern that fish love to eat! These little guys are found near the silty bottom of almost every trout stillwater and debris-ridden stretches of rivers. Most often midge larvae are red or maroon in color because of the hemoglobin in their bodies which allows them to survive in oxygen deficient water. Midges are stillwater staples in and any serious still water angler should have them in his box at ALL times.

My biggest rainbow trout from 2010 (see below!) was fed with this exact imitation. We took some nice fish while indicator fishing in the shallows in spring and fall. During the summer, midge larva can be fished deep “loch style” in tandem with pupae patterns. For best results and maximum movement I highly suggest fishing this with a mono loop knot. Hang on!!!


Hook: TMC 2499 SP BL (or curved shank shrimp hook) 8-16
Thread: Danvilles 6/0 Red
Rib: Small UTC Silver
Cement: Sinful Colors Nail Polish in “Smokin Hot” flavor.

Step by Step:

simple-midge-larvae-pattern-1Step 1: Begin thread behind the hook eye, in touching turns go back to halfway down the bend. (1:02)

simple-midge-larvae-pattern-2Step 2: Attach rib material. In this case, it’s small UTC silver wire. (1:27)

simple-midge-larvae-pattern-3Step 3: Be sure to cover up the wire with thread wraps (not too fat a body here, these guys are skinny). (3:08)

simple-midge-larvae-pattern-4Step 4: Spiral wrap rib up to just behind the eye. (4:18)

simple-midge-larvae-pattern-5Step 5: Remove wire rib from hook using “helicopter” method or using scissors. Be careful not to ruin scissors cutting wire, cut w/the the butt end and you should be golden. (4:36)

simple-midge-larvae-pattern-6Step 6: Whip finish and trim thread. (4:42)

simple-midge-larvae-pattern-7Step 7: Apply a coating of Sinful Colors  “Smokin Hot” nail polish to give the bug a “shiny” look. (5:45) And you’re done!

midge-larvaeThe finished product! A super simple midge larvae pattern.

midge larvae caught rainbowNow go and feed some of these!

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    • Grant

      Give it a go Mancub. For humans, I recommend fishing it…not eating it. Be safe, that hook is muy sharp.


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