This stream is filled with mostly brown trout and the bonneville cutthroat trout. The cutties are a real treat to catch but I’d say maybe one in forty fish is a cutthroat. The fish are all fluvial but I’ve been told that Trout Unlimited doesn’t know where the cutties are coming from. I want to believe that they are native bonneville cutthroat trout. While these fish remain a mystery, all I know is that I love catching cutties in Utah’s moving waters.

It had been a great day fishing. It’s summertime and the fish are eager to rise for hoppers. This stream runs low and clear in the summer. Because of this, the fish usually hold only in the deepest parts sheltered by rocks (maybe two or three feet at the most) or, more commonly, under the undercut banks that line most of the stream. After fishing a couple productive bends, we came to a stretch that I’d only fished once or twice before. After scanning the water ahead, I noticed what looked like a nice fish in a super shallow riffle. I wasn’t sure because I’d literally never seen a fish in this stream hanging out shallow like that in broad daylight.

Convinced, I walked no further (as not to risk spooking it in the crystal clear water only 6 inches deep) and threw a 40 foot cast upstream. My hopper floated towards the object and even though I knew it had to be a fish, I was somewhat surprised when began to move. It engaged the fly and chomped it down. I set the hook and a really nice cuttie ripped out of the riffle towards me seeking refuge under a deep undercut bank. The bank was overgrown with bushes, so I nervously applied side pressure and got him out without much trouble. I eagerly got him to the net and was so stoked to see an amazing fish.

I’d caught a handful of bonneville cutthroat in here but this was the king. Measuring him against the opening of my net he was just shy of 18 inches. He was the biggest I’d seen or caught in this stream and the fact that it wasn’t a brown – but a bonneville cutthroat trout! So stoked. I’ll never forget spotting it, the take, and the beauty of that fish.

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