For OSF’s own cut from our “Through the Woods” project, I had originally planned to just push it out online, but we made a last-minute decision to enter it into the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (or “IF4” if you don’t want to run out of breath). I’m pretty pumped on how this film turned out and excited to share a message that I feel strongly about. “Good as Ever” is a beautifully shot piece created with my good friends Nate Gunn and Nate Sorensen. Photos (including the one above) were taken by Blake Hansen. Fun project with good dudes. It’s an interesting time in fly fishing and my hope is that people will enjoy the shots and take in the message.

There is a lot of representation from Utah folks in this year’s IF4 and I’m excited for Utah’s showing that Spencer and I put on each year. No matter where you’re at, it’s worth finding a showing near you. Dates haven’t really been announced yet but stay tuned! If you’re in Utah then come out for a good time!

Appreciate the support from Orvis, Smith Optics, Lander, and Causwell.

Here are some of the other trailers!

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