I was originally going to write another post regarding Utah HB37 encouraging readers to contact the House Rules Committee asking them to please let the bill out of committee. Unfortunately, it’s too late and HB37 is dead. It’s unfortunate that the bill didn’t get to see the light of day. It truly was a bill of compromise.

A special thanks to all those out there that joined us in the fight and BIG ups to Utah Stream Access Coalition. They’re a dedicated group of dudes. Even Bryan Gregson is still pushing harder than most even though he no longer calls Utah home. There is still hope for our rights seeing as USAC is still pursuing two lawsuits that challenge the constitutionality of the current law, the ill-named Public Waters Access Act (HB 141). While some may call the lawsuits blackmail or extortion, those that know better know that this is merely due process.

My camera is in on warranty so thanks to our homie Kurt Poecker for the photos from the rally at the capitol.

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