So when I first started blogging I had a blog called “Fishies and Freshies” cause back then skiing and fly fishing were about 50/50 for me as far as stoke level. Turns out that about the time that I started blogging was about the same time that I had to calm my skiing down. For me, skiing gets no better than schralping some fresh pow pow and catching air. As I began to have more family responsibilities (and no health insurance) I realized that I could no longer afford to take the risks I did each winter.

As a kid in high school, I loved making edits of our skiing adventures. It had been years since I had done so when I put this edit together. I called it family guy cause it was sort of a culmination of my last hurrah: with footage mainly from my last season of jumping. The years prior I had spent shredding with my would-be wife. This meant more time cruising tree runs and what not and less time building kickers or lapping the park (even those the Mrs. has been known to throw some wicked front boards in her day). So basically in the space of two or three winters I spent less than ten days boosting. This edit is made up of a few old random shots and from shots taken on a handfull of days that last season of my jumping life.

It’s fun to look back on but tough cause it makes me want to get back on the snow much more than I currently do! I still get a bit anxious thinking back to the step up that’s in the last few clips. ¬†Hitting that big backcountry step up switch was the scariest thing I ever did on skis. I still vividly remember my heart beating out of my chest as I yelled, “dropping!” and hopping backwards to begin flying down the in-run that took a million years to stomp out. Not your typical smooth in-run like you’d have in the park! It was fast and bumpy. I got dealt a number of times trying to adjust to the transition from steep to flat while flying in backwards. The G-forces put me on my face a time or two. After re-straining a torn rotator cuff I was stoked to finally stomp the landing. It was an amazing feeling. For all those who have never hit a step-up, it’s an awesome thing. You come in hot and end with a soft landing. Pretty sweet stuff.

Anyway, it’s a little mixup from what we do here at OSF but it’s a throwback to the origins of the blog. Enjoy.

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