So I was fishing the lower LP and the white bass were schooling up in the river. They were readily taking streamers so I decided to take the lady down there to see if I could get her on her first fish on the fly. We’d practiced some casting in the backyard and I’m really hoping that through more and more exposure that I’ll get her hooked. She loves doing stuff outside and is open to the idea except she doesn’t want to have to touch the fish. I also figured that streamer fishing is one of the more fun ways to fish so all in all it was a perfect time to try.

We got to the river and she couldn’t believe the difference that polarized glasses make. We found a school and started working them with some buggers. They liked it fast. After a number of cast she hooked one but it got off shortly after. A few casts later she got another. She got it in and didn’t want to touch it. I told her they’re easy to hold because unlike trout, you can lip em. I snapped a pic of her and how (un) stoked she was. She felt bad for the fish. I took another with her fake smile. So one is showing her real reactions and one is her faking it. Now it’s time to get her onto some trout!



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The ringleader at OSF, Nathan likes well-proportioned fish, moonlit walks by the river, and stripping streamers through dark lies on the dreariest of days. View full bio.

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