Sipping my orange juice at the Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge, I felt half disheartened and half elated. It was our last day at and Jurassic Lake.  As we saddled the quads and rode down the rim toward the lake you could see white caps breaking as the wind fiercely blew across the water.  This seemed more like the Jurassic Lake I had seen in magazines than the predominantly calm sea we had experienced over the past few days.  The day started off in the usual areas probing for meat head rainbows that must be spending obscene amounts of time at the gym and dieting on a buffet of protein rich scuds. The wind made it hard to cast and after a few hours of fruitless prospecting we were forced to change locations.

We relocated to a small bay with a shallow rock outcropping at the entrance where the waves broke in perfect formation. No sooner than we had dismounted our gas powered steeds we spotted fish patrolling the bank line.  They appeared to be making laps following the current that pushed its way across the rocks and through the center of the bay and back around the shore line. Posting up and waiting for a fish to lap past proved an effective way to fish. Almost immediately our rods felt the pressure as they engaged in battled with miniature submarines. The bay was stacked with feeding fish and was shaping up to be the best day yet! My dad hooked up first and I watched the fish jump several times before it snapped his 15 pound maxima like it were nothing. The fish continued to jump in an effort to spit the hook. I am not sure the size but I will say it was one of the bigger fish I had seen during the week. I worked my way toward the outcropping in search of fish cruising along the drop-off and continued  sight fishing.  After spotting and sight fishing a few good fish over 10 pounds I resumed my post and paced along the edge of the drop. I marched from the calm protection of the bay to the open unsheltered point were the waves beat against me and back to the calm looking for a monster from the deep.

The lake bottom was white from the broken bits of the coral-like rock with large dark boulders that hid the fish as they glided over them.  The fish played Cheshire cat appearing and disappearing between the white and dark stripped bottom. As I marched my rod lay ready at my side, waiting to be put back in action. Line dangled from the rod tip and my fly dragged along the surface as I hunted for the next beast.  As I moved along the drop I suddenly noticed a slow flash of movement below my fly, I looked down to see an enormous kype break the surface followed by a thick hump as the fish porpoised inhaling my bugger that navigated the waves. I wait for the head and shoulders to disappear under the water and sharply set the hook.  Instantly the fish went crazy pulling line and head shaking.  I couldn’t turn the fish even applying heavy pressure with my 9 wt. he pulled line like a truck hauling a small trailer, only slightly slowed by me doing my best to tire him.  Slowly the fish showed signs of fatigue as I worked him closer to the net.  The guide kept saying it was fighting like a big one but other than his kype and slab shoulders I had yet to see him… I prayed I would be the victor of this white knuckle, heart pounding battle and did all I could to get him to the net.  Finally, he veered close enough and the guide scooped him up.  I howled as I looked down at the biggest rainbow trout I had ever seen.  A few quick pictures and he was on his way.  We estimated the brute rainbow at about 17 pounds although length or weight didn’t really matter, I  had just been privileged to connect with one of the most amazing trout of my life.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to wrap up an amazing trip.

I can’t say enough good things about the staff at Estancia Laguna Verde.  I would fully recommend this lodge to anyone and from what we experienced would confidently say their guides, operation, staff, and overall fishing program is the best I have ever experienced. Anyone heading to South America should seriously consider Estancia Laguna Verde, it is a place every avid fly fisherman should visit once. I have no doubt that they have the absolute best Jurassic Lake lodge. For anyone seriously looking into it we can put you in touch with the right guy to get the best pricing.

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Hawg Wrangler

Derek Olthuis, raised in the wilds of Montana like the Jungle Book's Mowgli. Totally obsessed with fly fishing, exploring and adventure. When not guiding he enjoys fly fishing and Squatching for Unicorns. Fishing is fun!

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  1. Phil

    AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That male is the sickest bow ever! Love his massive kype….. And the chrome tails! OH MY! Great write up D!


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