It’s no secret that I love Bug Bond. I use it on nearly all of my chironomids, European style nymphs, sowbugs, scuds, in short, on nearly all of my patterns including some dries. There isn’t much that the Euro Goo can’t fix or enhance.

With that said, UV Cured products seem to be all the rage going on a few years now. Not wanting to be left in the dark ages, I decided to purchase some for myself. Man, was I impressed! A whole new world of possibility opened up. Epoxy, (while it still has it’s place and purpose) has become nearly obsolete with the fly tying world.

There seems to be a shift in thinking with many of the new and more well known tyers now using UV Cured Resins. Bug Bond is the original UV Cured Resin to hit the market and being a part of their Intl Pro Tyer Team is a great honor because I can learn from who I consider to be a group of the world’s best fly tyers.

David Edwards is to be credited with bringing this huge innovation to the fly tying/fly fishing industry and he is to be applauded for that. His efforts and focus are on bringing the best possible product to market. So, with the latest product available from Bug Bond, the fly tying industry, however small it is, will never be the same. A common problem with UV resins is the actual cure. UV curing lights, or “torches” as the Brits call them are all battery powered which has been the standard from the beginning. Now, thanks to David and his innovative mind, batteries can be a thing of the past. The new mains pedal switch can now provide constant, consistent curing every time without the use of duracells or energizers. A step of the pedal and you can be assured that your resin is curing as it should, tack free and fuss free. No batteries, no problems.

Yeah but how does the pedal work? Easy. The main light unit, or torch, accepts a remote foot switch powered by an ac/dc adapter. The entire unit plugs into the wall or power strip. Simply press on the pedal and voila, you are in battery free business. An innovative, industry first, that is making your fly tying easier and more hassle free, I’d put money on that, and many tyers are.

Note: For tyers in the U.S., a voltage adapter needs to be purchased in order for the pedal to work. The adapter can be found at most electronics stores, and is around 10-15 USD.

Bug Bond Pro Pedal
UV resins have made their mark in fly tying. The many options available are good, but, if you want a well thought out, simple, original, innovative product at the vice; The Bug Bond Pro Pedal should be on your bench. Consistently consistent cures; one bug at a time.
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