It was day two of a little birthday fishing extravaganza with my lady. After a fun evening of fishing the day before I was having a good day of tossing big bugs to some fall brown trout. My wife is a trooper and was spending most of the time napping/reading in the car. She would occasionally come out and check out on things. It had been a day full streamer fishing and angry fish. With my wife chillin’ by the riverside I threw my streamer to the rivers edge in a deeper run. I stripped it back somehow hadn’t noticed that there was a big brown trout chasing it from the run and into a shallow riffle. It moved some water and it reminded me of a killer whale beaching itself chasing seals. My line went tight and it flopped around in the shallow water and finally got some traction and bullied back into the run from which it came. It was the nicest fish of the day.

fall brown trout

Even though she didn’t see the take, I was stoked that my wife was there to see some of the action cause she usually just gets to hear all about it when I get home. Big brown trout make great birthday presents! Once I got him in the net I saw that he had some of the biggest shoulders I’d seen on a trout his size and some amazing coloration. And boy did that trout have some chompers! Before releasing him my wife snapped a few shots that turned out really great. What a mean ‘ol brown trout! My favorite!

brown trout spawn

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