I grew up in Holden, Utah.  It’s not exactly a Bozeman.  Fly shops and big rivers were lacking so I regrettably became a self taught fly angler. That being said, I wasn’t “trained” and don’t exactly think or fish like most traditional fly anglers (my first ties would make anyone laugh out loud and I’m NOT kidding). I love the challenge of learning a new skill set, chasing that new personal best, and thinking outside the box in regards to new tactics.  Over the years, my evolution as a fly angler has made me happy.  I could smile and stare at the sides of a trout all…….day………long.

Finding people that share my passions has been somewhat difficult.  Not many people can handle fishing at 3:00am just because that is the only time available.  Only a few intrepid anglers are willing to pay the price for those epic trips and girthy fish. Here at outsmartingfish I found them.  I’ll never forget that fateful day when I hooked up with Nate, Derek, and Grant to sight fish T-muskie fly style.

Truly life in this world of fly fishing is great.   I would argue that I am as deeply addicted to and passionate for the sport as anyone, anywhere……  Come along!  We are already looking forward to the next trip…..

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