I still remember the Christmas when I got my first fishing pole.  My dad wasn’t really a fisherman but he’s a good man and took us out to do something he really didn’t care for.  It didn’t take long before I was totally hooked.  A number of years later, at the age of 12, I acquired my first fly rod off a friend who had lost interest in it.  I was intrigued.  I didn’t know what fly fishing was, nor had I ever seen someone do it before.  With a few books and some help from people at the local fly shop (Anglers Inn) I SLOWLY began learning how to cast and even got into tying soon thereafter.  Growing up I could never pass by a water source without looking excitingly and wondering if it held fish and if so what kind, how big, and….that has never changed. I LOVE fishing. I can still remember the days my mom would drop me off up Provo Canyon to fish – in both summer and winter.  Once I could drive, I would frequently use some fishing guides and a topo map and go explore new and unfamiliar waters.  Only in the last couple years did I start fishing with others.  For me fishing was long a solitary thing.  I knew very few people that fished and rather enjoyed rolling out solo and getting lost in the beauty in the middle of nowhere.  Now, I still love to fish places away from other people, but often share the company of good friends. This blog is a place that allows me to both create and share what I love. Hope it get some people stoked to go catch some feesh! Thanks for checking us out!

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  1. Tom Johnson


    You don’t know me, but I feel that I almost know you. Your mom and dad served a mission a couple of years ago in San Francisco with my wife and me. When your mom found out I liked to fish she told me about you. She told me that from a way early age she would take you fishing and sit and read a book while you fished for hours. She said she couldn’t understand what was so fascinating about standing in the water for hours was to you, but I got it. In fact it reminded me a lot of my very early times just having to get to the mall creek near my home in Western Washington and fish. Right away I thought, “there is a man after my own heart.” Your dad told me about your website, and I have gone to it fairly regularly since. I have especially liked your articles about your fishing trips, particularly the Zombie fish. Yah, I think you ought to go back. The fish looked chunk and not emaciated. I wonder what the fish biologists say about the eyes. Perhaps it is the cloudy water that doesn’t let the eye fully develop. Say hello to your folks.

    • Nathan Leavitt

      Hey, Tom! I appreciate you stopping by and saying hi! My parents did tell me about you on a few occasions. My mom is partly to blame for the full-blown fishing obsession that I have. We should tag team my dad and get him out on the water!

  2. tibbitts

    keep up the good work and i will see you at the fly expo stop by the project healing waters booth and say hi maybe your relative will be their kevin leavitt

    tight lines tibbitts


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