I had the privilege of growing up in North Western Montana just outside of Glacier National Park.  With a lake literally in my front yard I learned to fish at 3 years old, when I was 9 we went to Bozeman to visit my uncle who introduced me to fly fishing; as a result I gave away my spin fishing gear and never looked back.  Fly fishing is a huge part of my life, constantly thinking about new water to explore and flies to tie.  On family trips my face is constantly pressed against the window each time we pass water wondering what species and size of fish live there.  There is nothing quite like the bend in a rod and the fish that put them there.  Trout are my staple species and I love searching out new place to catch them.  Having grown up in a place that has almost an endless supply of trout water I have been able to pursue them in more lakes, streams and rivers then I can count.  At a young age I began painting and drawing inspired by fish and the beautiful places they inhabit.  I love road trips and the chance to seek out fish with friends in new and old locations. This is our story!

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